Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggy & Cheesy: The Let's Not Invite John Nowlin Jam Band

It felt like the right time of year to share this. The LNIJNJB finally gets its due. Check them out here at alonetone, a damn fine home for musicians.

"Dearborn, Michigan's Let's Not Invite John Nowlin Jam Band (or LNIJNJB for the initiated) recorded improvs during the mid-90s. Their tapes were passed around a small and mildly dedicated fan base. The LNIJNJB at its core usually consisted of Jim Howe, Jason Paoletti, Dan Murray and a drummer that didn't know when to quit, but many other guests would appear."

Happy Easter Sunday,
man. Hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE:  Check out their worldwide chart action three days after release!

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