Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ear OS: I'm liking this flavor of Linux: :: New media center OS is pleasing to the eye and ear
This was the first distro / remaster I've tested in a vm and ran jack
with no xruns at 46ms latency (all default settings). That was enough
to keep my interest to play more. I've since put it on a test machine
with a Delta 1010lt which it found and configured with no problem. I
suspect this could make a good daw os without much fussing.

If I had a faster machine (AMD +2000) I could be styling running Reaper
under wineasio (installed just fine). I get no xruns, but the Reaper
process climbs over 60% CPU utilization and starts to stutter even with
the simdock closed. I would imagine Ardour users would have much better
luck on my hardware.

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Acoustic Reality is a Danish company that sells speakers, amplifiers, storage devices, cables, and other products to build top-shelf home entertainment centers. It recently released eAR OS Free Edition, a free media center system built on top of Ubuntu that features a free version of the Acoustic Reality software technology used in the $100 eAR RT-OS Enterprise Edition and in the company's hardware Media 4 products. It provides a user-friendly media center along with a nice implementation of Ubuntu.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Oldest' computer music unveiled

A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a truncated version of In the Mood are thought to be the oldest known recordings of computer generated music.

Click to hear the music and read the full article.

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During the session, the temperamental machine managed to work its way through Baa Baa Black Sheep, God Save the King and part of In the Mood.

Following one aborted attempt, a laughing presenter says: "The machine's obviously not in the mood."

BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Oldest' computer music unveiled

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crusade of Love

From Toledo television 70s through 80s:

Hello Loves,
Carlo Sommer here, founder of the Crusade of Love for all of mankind. Our purpose is to move the world... to love. You can help to accomplish this goal for love by thinking, speaking, and acting in friendly ways with family, friends, coworkers and all of our neighbors everywhere.
Thank you.

Wish I could find the slide of this man they used to show while he spoke these words.


Here it is!  With a nice write-up and an interesting comments section, too!

(Also corrected his name from "Carlos" to "Carlo.")