Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Illustrious: 1984 in 49

My buddy Carl and I were just discussing the demise of magazine artwork. This would seem typical modern graphic novel fodder, though I can't imagine it looking this "cartoon-y" today. Some panels remind me of Ditko's objectivist Mr. A stories, while the people strike me as angular commercial types from Bob Clarke of MAD magazine.

1984gn - Share on Ovi
"This is the best two-minutes hate, ever!"

It would be nice if someone were to flesh the whole thing out using these as a model.

via: Abner Dean Illustrates 1984 - a set on Flickr

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Black Keys cover contest on

I received an imeem notification a couple of weeks ago about a Black Keys cover contest. Entries could be video or audio but had to be selection from the Black Keys album Attack and Release.
Well, I recorded and mixed my entry over the course of last week. Here is a playlist with the other entries as well. Grand Prize is a Gibson SG and a year's subscription to Paste. The competition is pretty stiff, but it was fun.
See below for audio and video playlists of the entries. Some may require you to register with imeem (free) to hear the song in its entirety.
UPDATE: I've added the playlist for the original Attack and Release tracks as well

Play the Black Keys Contest - Audio Entries

Play the Black Keys Contest - Video Entries

The Black Keys - Attack & Release

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Up With Mini-Skirts

Linda Ronstadt: The Britney Spears of her time? | PopWatch Blog |

"When Linda was told she would have to wear underwear, she was very upset. She said, 'I sing better bare-butted.'" June's response at the time? "Not in front of my Johnny!"