Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crusade of Love

From Toledo television 70s through 80s:

Hello Loves,
Carlo Sommer here, founder of the Crusade of Love for all of mankind. Our purpose is to move the world... to love. You can help to accomplish this goal for love by thinking, speaking, and acting in friendly ways with family, friends, coworkers and all of our neighbors everywhere.
Thank you.

Wish I could find the slide of this man they used to show while he spoke these words.


Here it is!  With a nice write-up and an interesting comments section, too!

(Also corrected his name from "Carlos" to "Carlo.")


Amanda said...

I can't believe there isn't more about that old PSA online. I can still recite the thing word for word with the same inflections and pauses... thought it was bizarre and hilarious when I was a kid, and it's permanently ingrained in my mind.

Granted, it's a good message, it was just a strange ad. I wonder what happened to Carlos and his tidy white mustache.

Anonymous said...

I was probably under the age of five when this commercial was on, but I remember it word for word as well. I seriously can't believe it's not on Youtube!

MangMade said...

Well, loves... I guess some things never leave you.

It is surprising there is no video or even the portrait of old Carlos to be found on the web (yet). I'm hopeful that if people still remember as well as they do, sooner or later someone is bound to come up with something.

Andrew Webb said...

My grandmother was Carolyn Webb. CARLO sommers' assistant. I didnt get back in touch with grandma until the past year of her life. She died in april. It was a cult. Simple is that. That side of my family profited off of others. Which is why I stayed away for over 20 years while living in Toledo is well. One more thing...Carlo was insane.