Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Pretty Things: Cries from the Midnight Circus

I'll post nearly anything related to the Pretty's Parachute album.  Having only been recently exposed to it about two years ago, it's still fresh personally and so good. 

It's nice to hear a live treatment
though confusing at one vocal point when Phil May is way off mic and not moving his lips.  It was common practice to pre-record a live take for television appearances to mitigate the risk of equipment/musician failure spilling out over live television (while playing fast-and-loose with some location's musician's union rules).  As two voices are heard singing elsewhere, he may have been singing over his earlier take and missed a bit.  Not sure if this is the case or someone else was singing with him.  Still a treat and fun, no complaints.


Punk Frog said...

Phil May isn't singing that part because Waller & Povey are singing it off camera. This IS live.

MangMade said...

Excellent! Thanks for the clarification.