Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Weird-Ohs Tribute Cigar Box Guitar: "Daddy"

Have you ever played a cigar box guitar?  I mean a REAL rail-ridin' cigar box guitar, not a SEARS cigar box guitar.  Hmmm.  No fooling.
Well the real charm of a cigar box guitar does not always lie in how precisely it is made.  That's not to say MANGMADE guitars aren't well made.  They simply don't aspire to meet fine luthier specifications.  They stay reasonably in tune playing up the neck.  The strings are a little harder to hold down, maybe.  But there's only four of 'em and high action makes a bottleneck blaze like gasoline.  They can get you closer to the fire barrel on cold nights, whether through a lady's heart or upside a man's head.  Fair enough deal for a tramp.  You see... we make them to LOOK, SOUND & BE WICKED, not SLICK or CIVILIZED!

When you couple organic tone
with great looks, it's a "Yessir, Mr. Tramp, sir" deal.  Pasted over with BILL CAMPBELL's outstanding 1960s comic artwork, this cigar box guitar pays tribute to the HAWK MODEL COMPANY's Weird-Ohs hot rod models.  Pictured on the body is a fella named "Daddy" while other crazy characters from the series mark fret positions on the neck.

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