Thursday, May 14, 2009

See K-Bone in 3D!

Looking forward to seeing Kevin "K-Bone" Pyle back in action, ever'body (he's the one makin' like Milt May in the poster above).  He was kind enough to pass along a couple tracks from rehearsals to MangMade.  Like the poster sez, check them out at Bamboozles in Farmington if you can.  It may get crowded, and uh...

UPDATE:  Please note the show is in FARMINGTON, not Dearborn as posted earlier in error.  Sorry for the confusion ever'body.


Moe O'Shaughnessy (fmr. Salem Witchcraft):  Drums & Vocals
Jim "JD" Duffey (fmr. Salem Witchcraft):  Bass & Vocals
Kevin Pyle (fmr. White Fang):  Guitar & Vocals

3D - The Time has Come

3D - Dirty Water

Get to Bamboozles here: